5-Man Past Champions


Late Spring 2019 Division Champions



Early Spring 2019 Division Champions




Summer 2018 Division Champions





Late Fall 2017/18 Division Champions


Fall 2017 Division Champions



Spring 2017 Division Champions






Winter 2017 Division Champions

A-Division Champs TBD



Truffle Butter     Gaiscioch


Fall 2016 Division Champions

A-Division Champs

Purple Reign

Texas Forever     Clam Jammers


Down By 3


Summer 2016 Division Champions

Deadliest Snatch



Spring 2016 Division Champions

Purple Reign



Reaper Crew 

  Catch it Like Beckham

 Beef Boys



Truffle Butter


 Exotic Smashmouth   

WInter 2016 Division Champions


Purple Reign




Gang Green    P.R.I.D.E


Truffle Butter    


Fall 2015 Division Champions

Deadliest Snatch


Reaper Crew    The Wu

The Unexpected    Tormentors

Summer 2015 Division Champions


Purple Reign


Grab Thunder

Spring 2015 Division Champions

Purple Reign




Reaper Crew    Hawks


Prowlers Spring 2015    Grab Thunder



Winter 2015 Division Champions

Purple Reign


Reaper Crew    Hawks

PCC All-Stars    Just Do What You Can!

Fall 2014 Division Champions

Purple Reign



I Touchdown There    Tormentors

Dirty Platypus    Gaiscioch